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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

hacking stuff again

it'd be great if we could do sth we like, and earn a lot of money at the same time. the fact that stuff that matters to us can not buy food forces us to make irritating trade-offs.

i once talked to my boss who imo is a successful man. i understand successful means different things to different people but may you agree with me that we can conclude somebody be successful if he manages to have a large villa with a nice car in his early 30 (haha sorry to let you girls know that he's been married already ).

he told me he misses those old days when he hacked stuff to buy flowers and chocolates for his girlfriend who eventually became his wife. although he looks a lot like a business man these days but i know deep down inside, he's an hacker. this is the very reason i like to work with/for him. it's a pleasure to work with/for people think like you. we understand each other, much more like two friends sharing a lot of common interests than a boss and an employee.

he wished he had time to do things he likes, i.e. reverse engineering softwaresto understand their inner workings, or finding vulnerabilities and writing exploits of popular software. he looked half sad half excited while telling me how he managed to break into some of the most important information systems ever built in VVN

don't get me wrong, neither of us advocate for these kinds of illegal hacking activities. but when you were young, skilled, and your girlfriend was not around, these are what you happen to do to have some stories to tell each time you reunite with other old-school hackers.

back to my boss. it's said you never have to work one day if you choose the job you like. the fact he looks bored with his current position made me think a lot 'bout what i'd better spend my time on in the next few free years, before getting stuck in villas, cars, wife and children .

so i eventually opted to go with extreme hacking to satisfy my never-ending curiosity for the many facets of information security. i want to push myself as far as possible, to see my real rank in the house of world-class hackers.

that's what i've been doing for the last three months or so. will my dream come true? i don't know, but what i know for sure is i've never been highly motivated like this before. i love this liféstyle.